Create an ai chatbot online as a solopreneur – Interview with Luca Restagno

Creating an AI chatbot for customer support as solopreneur

Luca Restagno is a software engineer who has been creating Saas products as an indie maker for a couple of years. Today, he is working on a chatbot for customer support powered by AI. In this interview, he shares his experiences and ideas as a solopreneur. Luca speaks about Validating an idea, growing a brand, … Read more

Starting a business with 17 years old – Interview with Leon Bekteshi

Thhe banner of the interview with leon bakteshi

Leon Bekteshi is a 17 years old guy that is creating his own online business by helping other solopreneurs to grow their brands on the internet. In this interview, he is very concise and share key points to start a big business as a young man. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive a new interview … Read more

How to help gamers monetize their passion? The Story of a Solopreneur

Alexander Graves is an ambitious entrepreneur dedicated to helping gamers monetize their passion. With a burning desire to escape from the 9-5 job, Alexander is embarking on a massive project that guides aspiring streamers on building a profitable gaming business from scratch. This is a story of resilience and self-discovery, Alexander emphasizes the importance of … Read more