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After reading the aspiring solopreneur book and make some research in different reviews, I will give you my opinion.

I am a solopreneur who is growing an online business as a content creator. Here is my resume for the book.

About the author of aspiring solopreneur

Kris Kluve is a successful entrepreneur who has built many businesses since he was nineteen years old.

He has worked in different industries, from real estate to digital marketing.

In his book, he provides a look at his experiences and ideas on solopreneurship.

Best of all, he writes from his experience, which shows that he knows what he’s talking about.

Kris Kluve author of aspiring solopreneur book

About “Aspiring solopreneur: Your business startup bible”

 Aspiring Solopreneur is a book written by Kris Kluve in 2019. Is a guide with the different steps that solopreneurs have to overcome in their journey.

The book provides a list of resources, tools, and step-by-step guides to help you on your path as a solopreneur.

Nowadays, starting a business could be easy, but making money and growing is difficult.

Working as a solopreneur, you have multiple tasks from marketing, financial management, technology, and business development. It’s not something easy.

In the book, the author gives great tips about all the things you need to create a successful business such as creating a strong business plan, managing the finance, having a good legal team, and more.

In my opinion, this is a book that everyone who wants to start a business should read. You will find great insights for your transition from corporate work to entrepreneurship.

A good recommendation from Kris that I liked is his idea about partners or employees. Solo business sometimes could be difficult, so, sometimes is better to work with a team.

Another idea I like from the book: 

Make sure to have the best professionals working for you. You are a solopreneur, but you are not alone, work with partners and freelancers that help you to grow.

Book aspiring solopreneur reviews and opinions

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