Top 20 Best Books for solopreneurs

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Independent entrepreneurs work alone, and sometimes the solopreneur journey can be difficult, you can feel lonely and don’t know what to do in some situations.
Reading books can be a significant source of ideas, inspiration, and knowledge for solopreneurs.
Before starting you have to know something something:

  • Those books are not in a specific order. This is a compilation of books that can be useful for a one-person business in different moments of your journey as a solopreneur. Different books could fit different people too.
  • Not all books are specifically for solopreneurs. Some can be for both solopreneurs and big business, I think those books teach a lot about business and innovation.
  • You can have more information in my blog for solopreneurs, I try to give resources for starting a business as a solopreneur.

Let’s start.

List of 21 Best Books for Solopreneurs and Aspiring Solopreneurs.

The following list has a compilation of books that can help you on your solopreneur path.

1- The Aspiring Solopreneur: Your Business Start-Up Bible

Written by Kris Kluver.
The author shares the tools you need to define success and to research and launch a spectacular solopreneur life.

I made a review about this book, read here: The Aspiring Solopreneur book

2- The 4-hour week

Written by Tim Ferris.
The book focuses on the “Work smart, not hard” idea that has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs.

Read review: The 4-hour week summary

3- From zero to one

Written by Peter Thiel.
The author is one of the most successful Paypal Co-founders. Thiel emphasizes the importance of creating truly unique ideas, rather than simply improving existing ones.

4- Company of one

Written by Paul Jarvis.
A book centered on staying small and avoiding growth. Maximizing happiness, sustainability, and profitability.

5- Lean Startup

Written by Eric Ries.
The book presents a methodology for achieving success with your business by focusing on innovation, user feedback, and product improvement based on that feedback.

6- Amazon Unleashed

Written by Brad Stone.
The story of Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

7- Invent and wander

A compilation of 22 Letters from Bezos to Amazon shareholders and some Bezos talks.

8- The solopreneur life

Written by Larry Keltto.
A compilation of 42 interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

9- Made in America

Written by Sam Walton.
The autobiography of the founder of Wal-Mart. One of the best business books ever written.

10- How to make friends and influence people

Written by Dale Carnegie.
A book about people relations and useful for sales.

11- The million one-person business

Written by Elaine Pofeldt.
The author talks about how a person can run a million-dollar business.

12- Virtual Freedom

Written by Chris Ducker.
Ducker speaks about how to manage and grow a virtual business.

13- Steve Jobs Biography

Written by Walter Isaacson.
The life of one of the best entrepreneurs in history. Is great to see the point of view Steve had about the world and entrepreneurship.

14- Hype yourself

Written by Lucy Werner.
A toolkit for getting your business featured in the media, newspapers, radio, magazines, and TV.

15- The 5 am club

Written by Robin Sharma.
A book about the importance of good habits and a healthy mind to achieve success.

16- The Productivity Revolution

Written by Marc Reklau.
About increasing your productivity by changing your habits and controlling your time.

17- Start It Up

Written by Luke Johnson.
The author explains that starting your own business is easier than you think. Johnson sets out to inspire – and guide – every budding entrepreneur.

18- Blogging: Blogging Blackbook

Written by Jason Wolf.
Everything you need to know about blogging and how to create a business around it.

19- Start with why

This is a book written by Simon Sinek.
The author speaks about the purpose and motivation of a business and how leaders inspire their people. According to this book, by setting your business’s beliefs and principles you can attract customers with the same beliefs and principles.

20- The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

Written by Stephen R. Covey
A book about habits and productivity. The author shares some behaviors that will make you more productive.

I hope this list has been useful for you. If you have some recommendations you can send them me to on my Twitter ( @fintiux ) and I will add them to the list.

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