How to use notion for business?

Notion is an All-In-One tool that gives us a big amount of possibilities to organize our life, from our schedule to our contacts. Let’s see how to use Notion for business.

If you are a solopreneur or you have a small business, you don’t need to pay for an expensive tool to organize some processes and tasks in your everyday work you can use Notion. 

Even if you are a corporate entrepreneur, you can use Notion to manage some parts of your work.

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Let’s see:

11 ways to use Notion for small businesses:

Notion app gives entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities to increase productivity. In this article, I made a curated list with the bests examples.

Using Notion for small business examples:

Business planning in Notion for entrepreneurs

Do you have a business idea? There are a lot of ways to plan a business.

With notion, you can make a Canvas Business Model to evaluate your business idea and have all the main ideas and resources for your new business in one place. 

You can have a template for the Canvas Business Model here.

Finance tracking for business in Notion

With Notion you can have your business finance in one place. By uploading all your expenses and revenues in one template you can sort them out by different categories and use it to make business decisions. 

Team management with Notion app

With Notion, you can have all your team in one place, assign tasks and see the progress of every member of your team.

You can share the template with your team, assign tasks and automatically every member will see what him/her have to do. 

Also, Notion lets you have all the data (contact, experience, work, etc) of every member in one place, improving your productivity and the process of assigning tasks.

Notion for Project management

As an entrepreneur or businessman, you could have more than one project in progress. For that, Notion is useful as a project tracker.

In one place, you can have all your progress in each project, the specific task of every project and the people working on each project.

Notion app for Task assignment

Related to the last two points, Notion is really useful if you are a project manager.

In one place, you can manage your entire team for a specific project.

From a single place you assign all the tasks you need to do to each member of your team.

Media file tracking with Notion features

If you use the Pro plan, Notion gives you the ability to use the app to manage all your files.

In one place you can have all the important files for your company and your team.

By using Notion, you could replace other apps like Dropbox or Drive.

Use Notion for Website creation

Notion could be integrated with other apps like in order to create a website.

You can create your own website or blog and publish it on the internet with just a few clicks. 

If you learn how to use notion, you can design a really beautiful page to start your online business or share your work on a website. 

Organize your Schedule with Notion

With the Calendar option in mind, you can create a schedule and use it for yourself and your team.

Notion gives you the opportunity to connect your calendar directly to your projects or tasks, so each team member could have their own schedule connected to each project they are working on.

Take class notes with Notion

If you are a student, you can have all your class notes in one place and connect it with your class schedule.

Notion is simple and easy to use in order to take notes and create beautiful summaries for your exams. 

Use Notion as a Content calendar for content creators.

For content creators, notion gives us the opportunity to create templates to manage all of our content from one place.

With Notion you can have a calendar with all the content you have published or scheduled on each platform you have.

All-in-one dashboard in Notion to manage a business.

This is the best feature of Notion. You can have all your templates or different projects in one place.

Notion gives us the ability to create a beautiful dashboard to manage different aspects of our life or business from one place.

This feature increases our productivity and allows us to access every aspect of the business with a single click.

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