How to start as a digital solopreneur? Step-by-Step guide 2024

As a solopreneur, you will be running your business entirely on your own, without any employees or partners. I will share a full guide on How to start as a digital solopreneur.

This can be both exciting and challenging, succeeding as a solopreneur is not something easy. Here we will share a full Guide, step by step with tips and strategies for independent entrepreneurs.

How to start as a digital solopreneur? Complete guide

The independent entrepreneur and the niche

If you are asking yourself How to start as a solopreneur? Before starting to think about the business, you have to think about yourself.

As the only one who works on the project, it could be very stressful and a big challenge, with a lot of obstacles.

So in order to choose the niche for your solopreneur business, it’s important to know what your skills are now and set what skills you will need to improve in order to achieve success.

Is important that your business ideas align with your strengths and passions, ultimately increasing your chances of success.

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Identifying Your Strengths as an Entrepreneur

The next pre-step before the follow the guide to starting as a digital solopreneur is to define your strengths.

Be honest with yourself while you do this analysis. It will help you to know what business, industry, or niche you could or couldn’t start your business.

It may be helpful to ask for feedback from others who know you professionally, such as your manager, colleagues, business contacts, or a career coach.

The main questions to ask yourself are:

  • What I’m good at?
  • What are my areas of expertise?
  • What are my abilities to be a solopreneur?

Evaluating Your Interests

Once you already know what you are good at, then you have to think of something that you really like.

You will put a lot of your time and effort into this idea, so make sure that is something that you enjoy doing.

The main questions to ask yourself are:

  • What do you enjoy doing? 
  • What are you passionate about? 
  • What motivates you?

Great! Once you already think about your skills and your interest, you have to evaluate what niche or industry is in both. This should be the best niche to start thinking about a business idea.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step guide to starting as a digital solopreneur and being a successful independent entrepreneur:

Step 1 to start as a solopreneur: Identify your business idea.

You are already set on what industry you would like to start your business in. Now you have to be more specific and think about what you will do.

Remember that your business idea should be based on something you’re passionate about and can see yourself doing it daily.

You have to connect your passion with the market demand. The demand will be in the issues on the niche that you choose. 

You have to find a problem and offer a solution.

Step 1.1: Find a problem

You already choose a niche that you like, so you already know something about this market sector.

Start to ask yourself:

  • What could be better for the people in this niche?
  • What problems do you see in this industry?
  • How you can improve the experience for the people working in this market sector?

Try to define the problem as specifically as possible.

Step 1.2:  Find a solution 

Once you have the specific problem defined, it’s brainstorming time. 

Start to think of all the possible solutions for that problem. Make a list with all the ideas. 

Then, once you already have a few ideas, start to think about which one would be the best to solve the problem and will give you money.

When you already choose the idea that you will develop, is time to pass to the next step.

Step 2: Develop a business plan (Canvas)

In this step, you have to describe the main aspect of your business. You have to describe your unique offer and your source of income.

Some questions that you have to answer are:

  • How does the business make money?
  • What are the key tools and resources that you will need to start?
  • Who are your consumers?
  • Will your customers pay for your product?

A good method to do this is the business model CANVAS. This is a model that lends you to summarize all your business idea with all the main points on just one sheet. 

There you will describe 9 key points for your business:

1- Value Proposition

2- Customer Segments

3- Channels

4- Customer Relationships

5- Revenue Streams

6- Key Resources

7- Key Activities

8- Key Partnerships

9- Cost Structure 

I created a notion template with a guide to complete this model. You can have it here.

After making this CANVAS you will have developed all your business idea and you can pass to the next step.

Step 3: Validate your product and build an MVP

Now it’s time to validate and build.


Validate means confirming that your business idea is viable. 

You confirm this when you find people who are willing to pay for your product. 

There are a lot of ways to validate an idea, here are two:

  • Build a landing page: Create a landing page that describes your product or service and captures leads.
  • Create an MVP: Let’s talk about this…

Build an MVP

An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product. This will be your first product on the market.

It just has to have the main features that will lend the customers use your product and give you feedback to improve it after validating it.

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How to build an MVP as a solopreneur?

If you are starting a digital business, you are probably thinking that you need to know programming. But there are plenty of no-code tools and resources you can use to launch your MVP.

If you know nothing about how to use no-code tools, you can learn almost everything from youtube and start to develop your MVP.

Some of the most popular No-code tools for digital solopreneurs are: Bubble – Webflow – Figma – Zapier – Google Analytics – Notion.

Step 4: Build a brand for your solopreneur business

In this step of how to start as a digital solopreneur, as a one-person business, you are your brand, especially if your business is a service like a freelance designer or similar.

You have to create a presence on social media. One of the best ways to do it is by creating content about your specific niche.

By this, your customers will know about you and your knowledge about your niche. This will put you as an authority in your industry, allowing you to reach more customers.

Some tips for that:

  • Choose the platforms where you will be and focus there for a while. Then start on other platforms.
  • Network with others in your industry.
  • If you offer some service, create a portfolio. This will let people know about your work

Step 5: Scale

Once you validated your business idea and your business is already working well, it’s time to grow.

In order to grow on a scale you have two options: 

  1. Hire employees
  2. Keep you as a solopreneur, increase your productivity and automate processes.

As this blog is for solopreneurs, let’s talk about the second option.

What to do or not to do will depend on the business, but there are many tools you can use to increase your productivity and automate processes.

Almost every repetitive task that you do daily could be automated. 

Maybe you would need some programming knowledge to automatize some tasks, but there is a no-code tool that lets you do it. It’s ZAPIER.  

With Zapier you can automatize a lot of tasks on different apps.

In order to increase your productivity, there are a lot of tools. My favorite is Notion, you can do it almost everything with it.

Here are a few other tools:

Thank you for reading! I hope the guide about How to start as a digital solopreneur has been useful to you and helps you to start your journey as a solopreneur.

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