AI entrepreneurship ideas for Solopreneurs 2024

Nowadays Artificial intelligence is everywhere, from social media algorithms to the robots in Amazon warehouses.  

Despite this, if you are an independent entrepreneur and want to start a new online business related to AI, in this post I will share a list of 8 Ideas to start a one-person business with AI.

In the end, I will make a conclusion and give you some tips to start an online business with this technology. 

8 business ideas using ai

A curated list of 11 one-person business ideas with AI for independent entrepreneurs: 

1. Community manager AI

  • Business model: Saas

You can create a business around social media by developing an app for content generation and scheduling on different platforms.

Another thing you can do is if you are a community manager and you don’t know how to code, you can incorporate other AIs into your work to improve your productivity.

2. AI-powered Chatbots and Virtual Assistant

  • Business model: Saas

On this idea, you can use tools like Chatgpt or similar to create a chatbot and offer it to companies to put on their website.

Having a chatbot to solve people’s problems on the web will be an excellent feature for every company that offers service online. 

Your product will save a lot of money for the company by replacing the people who work as virtual assistants for your bot. 

3. AI-powered Financial Services

  • Business model: Saas

You can develop an AI and train it with financial knowledge. This AI could help people to take financial decisions for their business.

This idea is in a broad niche, in the beginning, is better to start in a micro niche and give the best service there.

The microniches for this idea could be: 

  • Financial decisions of people with their savings.
  • Financial service for companies.
  • Investment advice for individuals.
  • Analysis of financial statements of companies

4. AI for accountants

  • Business model: Saas

Accountants have some work really repetitive. You can develop an AI to automatize all this work and offer it as a saas service.

You can combine this with the chatbot idea and offer this service plus a personal virtual assistant for accountants.

5. Human resources management assistant 

  • Business model: Saas

AIs have the feature that don’t have any feelings, so these tools could be totally objective in evaluating people.

Developing an AI that helps recruiters evaluate different people in an objective way.

It’s important to know that AI will not replace 100% of the people in this industry, but could be really helpful as an assistant and increase productivity. 

6. AI-driven Lawyer assistant

  • Business model: Saas

Lawyers have some jobs that could be repetitive. You could develop a tool and train them on the laws of a specific state or location and offer them as a paralegal.

This AI tool could do some jobs like writing and reviewing contracts and other jobs that are a bit repetitive for lawyers.

7. Personalized education based on AI

  • Business model: Sell info products B2C.

With AI you can create a platform to offer personalized courses to the mainstream.

Education nowadays is one for everyone, but not everyone learns in the same way.

AI lends you personalization of education, gives different classes to each student, and making more efficient the learning process. 

You can develop a platform to sell personalized courses on one topic powered by an AI as an assistant professor. 

8. Generate content with AI

  • Business model: Saas

You can develop an AI to generate different content such as blog posts, tweets, or images for Instagram.

This will help people like content creators to increase their productivity.

Conclusion about artificial intelligence and these business ideas:

You may notice that almost every business model on this idea is Saas. This is not a coincidence.

Saas lends you to scale easily, and in the AI industry, Saas is one of the best business models.

Almost every AI is run on a computer and solves a digital problem. This lends the founders to develop one piece of software and sell it as a subscription.

With low costs, the founders can validate an idea and offer it to a big public who is ready to pay monthly for a good product. This is maybe the biggest adventure of starting an online business in the AI industry.

The AI industry brings really big opportunities for entrepreneurs, but it’s important to keep calm. All the euphoria for artificial intelligence generates a big competence in the industry. This high competition will lead to some businesses going bankrupt at some point.

It’s important to validate your idea and have a strong business plan.

You can do the business plan with the canvas business plan and develop the MVP with no code tools to validate your idea and then improve your product.

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