37 tools for solopreneurs – Build a personal brand

As an online solopreneur, your brand is your business brand. In this article I will share with you a list of tools for solopreneurs that will help you.

It’s essential to have a strong brand in order to attract customers to your product.

In this article, I will a curated list of top tools to create a personal brand online. 

This list is divided by what every tool does, so you can choose all the tools you need for your brand. 

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Organization and productivity tools

These tools will increase your productivity if you use them well. With them, you can generate ideas, plan your content, answer emails, and automatize repetitive processes.


Free? Yes ✅

An all-in-one tool. With Notion, you can have your entire business and life on one dashboard. It’s also a no-code tool that you can program and adapt to your necessities.


Free? Yes✅

You can use Chatgpt as a personal assistant to answer emails, and messages from social media, and it can help you with ideas for your content too.

Checklist Design 

Free? Yes ✅

Collection of the best design practice. A checklist to complete on every post you make.


Free? No ❌

Email interface to increase your productivity with AI.

Tube buddy

Free? No ❌

 Extension for youtube creators


Free? Yes ✅

A no-code tool for automatization. You can automatize almost every task in between different apps you use every day.

They have a free version and you can upgrade to pay for premium services.

Newsletter and mail tools for solopreneurs

If you want to retain your audience, a newsletter is a good way. With these tools, you can create an email list and send emails to them periodically.  

Except for Substack, all are paid but have a free version up to a certain number of subscribers.


Free until 2500 subscribers.

You can launch your newsletter, create a blog page and monetize it.

See it here.


Free until 300 subscribers. 

A go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease


Free until 500 subscribers.

They offer different tools for digital marketing.


Unlimited subscribers.

You can launch your newsletter, a blog page, and monetization it through paid subscriptions.

Design tools for a good branding

With the following tools, you can create all types of images and illustrations.


Free? Yes ✅ 

On fintiux I use Canva, you can see the tool here.


Free? Yes ✅ 

You have beautiful illustrations for your posts for free.


Free? Yes ✅ 

A no-code tool to design beautiful landing pages. 


Free? No ❌

Generate images from text with AI.

Dall-e 2

Free? Yes ✅ 

Generate images from text with AI.

Video Editing tools to create a strong personal brand as a solopreneur

Are you a YouTuber? Here are two tools for video editing.


Free? Yes ✅

All-in-one video editing. 


Free? No ❌

Community Tools for improving your brand

Grow a community is one of the best ways to create a strong brand for your business. Here are some tools for solopreneurs to do it.


Free? No ❌

The all-in-one community platform for creators & brands.


Free? Yes ✅


Free? Yes ✅


Free? Yes ✅

Unita is a web with reviews about different online communities.

You can share there your community and reach more people or join new communities to generate value and grow your personal brand.

Copywriting tools for branding as a solopreneur


Free? Yes ✅

Perfect writing. They have a limited free version. You can upgrade to premium for a better service.


Free?  No ❌

A copywriting assistant with AI. The app is paid but they have a free 7 days trial.


Free? No ❌

An artificial intelligence powered by Chatgpt that could create a whole article for your blog.

Pages and website tools for indie entrepreneurs


Free? Yes ✅

Share all your startups on one page. It has a free and a paid version.


Free? Yes ✅

Share your main links on one page. You can upgrade to the paid version and use it as a newsletter tool.


Free? Yes ✅

Share the main links of your brand in one place.


Free? No ❌

A no-code tool to create a one-page site. Ideal for landing pages.


Free? Yes ✅

Everything you need to create and sell online – websites, links in bios, 

forms, blogs, and selling digital products – in one simple tool.

The free version is limited, if you want more control of your website, you should upgrade to pay.

Fathom HQ

Free? No ❌

All-In-one Reporting and analysis for your website


Free? Yes ✅

Share testimonials on your website


Free? No ❌

No-code tool to build your whole website.


Free? Yes ✅

Is an open-source CMS for your blog. You have a lot of themes and options to personalize your brand. For example, Fintiux is built on WordPress.

Schedule content and social media management tools for entrepreneurs

Being consistent and persevering on social media is important to grow your personal brand. Here are some tools to schedule your content.


Free? Yes ✅

Integrate all your social media into one tool.

Type full

Free? Yes ✅

Write and schedule tweets and threads.


Free? No ❌

A single platform for scheduling posts and analytics for Instagram, other social media, blogs, and messengers

Creators Studio

Free? Yes ✅

Manage and schedule your post on all meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook).

I hope these tools for solopreneurs have been useful for you. Something that could like you:

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